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How Rogers used Arena to increase customer Engagement by 64%

Rogers is one of the world’s largest communications and media companies. Its headquarters in Canada has more than 24,500 professionals working for it with reported operating revenues of $14.1 billion. As of July 2021, Rogers announced that for the fourth quarter in a row, its mobile and fixed broadband networks continued to have the most consistent speeds of any top internet provider in Canada. Ookla’s survey confirmed this at a time when consistent and reliable connectivity is an extremely important issue in keeping Canadian consumers and businesses viable. 

Rogers Media’s television brands include City, OMNI, FX Canada, Sportsnet, and The Shopping Channel. It also operates 55 radio stations and more than 29 Podcasts across the country. Rogers started with radio when Ted Rogers purchased CHFI in 1960. SInce then it has grown to be a leading media company that strives to give the best in news and entertainment. More than 3,500 digital screens placed in various high dwell time environments also help maximize audience engagement. 

The Problem

In 2018, the Rogers product innovation team reached out to Arena, looking for smarter and more efficient ways to engage their online users and increase retention. Additionally, the Rogers team needed more elegant ways to integrate other tools they had been using and integrate more than 50 team members on the platform.

Once they were introduced to the real-time platform and learned how Arena had been working with other media companies, the Rogers team promptly decided to implement Arena to its multiple online brands. 

In less than a day, the Rogers product and marketing teams were ready to deploy real-time experiences and drive traffic from social networks to their websites.

Arena Customer Experience

Rogers used the Arena Customer Experience products like Live Chat, Live Blog, and Content Wall to cover real-time events and promote users’ interactions in their domains.

One of Rogers’ brands, Sportsnet, leveraged Arena’s Live Blog to cover sports matches and also added the Arena Live Chat to enhance the coverage, enabling fans to engage in passionate discussions during the games.

Arena immediately helped to increase user engagement and personalized content experiences with data enrichment based on user behavior. 

Rogers’ engagement also increased by 64% and its audience retention by 28%, bringing more online interactions to Rogers’ media properties. The new average user time spent on Rogers’ domains increased to 27:25 minutes, which matched established social media.

Arena’s benefits were not limited to this new type of  modernized user experience – the progress in revenue ROI was also astonishing. By increasing engagement and retention, metrics such as ad revenue, subscriptions, and app downloads were highly impacted, thus helping their bottom line.